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ABOUT & CONTACT | My name is Max Joseph and I’m a London based animator and director. I have over 8 years experience in producing motion graphics and filmed content, primarily for broadcast. I pride myself on producing beautiful, concept-lead, creative in a wide range of visual styles.


I am not the Max Joseph from MTV’s Catfish, but having been forced into watching several episodes with my girlfriend, I would now consider myself a fan of the show. His website is


If you’d like to contact me about working on a project together, hiring me as a freelancer, or anything else, then please use the form below and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

FILMED | I love working on filmed projects. They pose a different set of challenges to animated work and new camera technology is constantly expanding upon what is possible. Not to mention film shoots also give me a break from my usual spot hunched over in front of a computer screen.

MOTION GRAPHICS | Here’s a selection of animated work that I’ve produced for TV shows, TV branding and in-store advertising. This work is mostly created using Cinema 4D and the Adobe Creative Suite.